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Halal Malaysia is a directory for all halal products that has been certified by JAKIM. Users can simply search for a product and the information of its halal status will be displayed including the expiry of the halal certification. It is definitely handy tool specially for Muslims. You can now locate the halal food premises and restaurants certified by JAKIM within a 20km radius from your current location. The application is also equipped with a performance monitoring system where you can give ratings on the cleanliness and hospitality of the food premises or restaurants.


Our Responsibilities

  • Interactive Web Application
  • Mobile Application (iOS and Android App Development)
  • Front & Back End Development
  • Product Branding

Other Details

End Customer : Community Project
Country : Malaysia
Link to Website :
Scope of Work : Mobile Application


We See Increase In Visitor Visits

Setting up the sites was painless and BAFE team always responded in a timely manner to any questions we had. We see an increase in visitor visits. Thank you BAFE.

— Rosham Hasnan, Halal Food Activist 

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