Our process is not only unique but focused in the
best possible result. Come and challenge us!

Our process is not only unique but focused in the best possible result. Come and challenge us!

We Build



We build elegant and functional solutions using Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Angular JS and more.



We deliver apps essentials at your finger tips. Functional, flawless and easy to use.



We are RoR experts, but building great products would not be possible without knowledge and extensive usage of many other things.

1 User Interface Design & User Experience


User Interface Design & User Experience

This is our biggest competitive reason why most of our clients choose us. Every flow, corner and accessibility of all screen within any application will be enhance to ensure that our application will be user friendly for all our clients.

2 Front-end


Once the client agree on the interface of the design, we will start the front-end developement. This process will be focusing on making the design and interface turn out well on all screen size of any devices.

3 Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Its 2017, almost every website requires to be responsive. We always ensure every screen is fully optimized for all type of screen and devices to ensure easy and smooth asssibility for all the users of the application.

4 Back-end


Once the front-end side has been cleared, we ensure that the application that we build will optimized and enhance especially in making it fast, easily ammended, and secure. This part requires expert in the backend developement and server side scripting.

5 Integrations


If an application requires integration with payment gateways, 3rd party services, we ensure it has a smooth transaction between all components. Every integration is important especially with payment gateways. We have perform integration with Slack, ipay88, billplz, braintree, paypal, and much more.