Happy Labor Day to everyone who is of working age population!

In 2016, we have over 21 million Malaysians in the category of working age population (15-64 years old), according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia. Of those, almost 70% (14.7 million) are actively working or seeking to work. These are the people that are working shifts, double shifts, one full time job, two or more jobs, and the ones that are working even today. The report also said that a large chunk of the Gen Y or millennials (25-34 years old) group are the highest participants of the labour market, signifying a healthy future to the nation as these are the people who are hungry for success and to prove themselves. It’s like the old adage “youths are the future leaders.”

At Bafe, the oldest staff is the boss Syahir who just turned 28 last week and the average age of all staffs is roughly 24 years old. With a very young team, we believe in training and developing talents from scratch to grow with the company together, all the while proving that youngsters are hardworking and visionary. Believe in your team as you believe in yourself as everyone has got to start somewhere, eh?

Anyway, this weekend we joined the NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur and managed to get into the top 30 from hundreds of challengers. Write “more” on the Facebook comment if you want to know more about it. Thanks and happy holidays!