We entertained a rather atypical request from a representative from the Red Circle Studio who asked to use our Universe coworking space for shooting purposes. According to them, they were looking for an office environment to shoot their video and Universe was at the top of their online search result and is the most beautiful and different-looking office environment that they have ever seen. That was the main reason they chose to approach us to use the space for one whole day.

The whole crew of Red Circle Studio posing in front of Universe.

On the day of the shooting, it began as early as 10.00am and they made full use of the co-working space for their shooting purposes while respectfully not interrupting the staffs. The Universe co-working space fit all of their crew of about 15 people including the actors and extras. The whole shooting scene successfully took place until about 4.00pm.

Thank you Red Circle Studio! We wish you good luck with your upcoming project and hope that the office scene taken at Universe is as perfect as you would like it to be. We are honored that you guys chose Universe. Thank you!

Universe, more than just a space! Permanent desk, hot / flexible desk, daily usage, meeting room usage, shooting scene, be creative! There are 8 tables and chairs and a prayer room which is located behind the pantry which is just next to the whole space of Universe. There is also a chill area at the outside of the prayer room. It is a cozy and comfortable space that appeals the most to freelancers and small business owners.

Book your space now at https://bafe.my/universe