Over the past month, BAFE team has been busy with presenting the Youth Entrepreneurial Network (YEN) Project to YB Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports in pursuit to help young entrepreneurs get access to a myriad list of financial and training facilities easily. Check out the YEN portfolio here.

Special shoutout to the KBS team for all their hard work especially in engaging relevant agencies to join YEN and add their facilities in YEN. Thank you!

The BAFE team presented the early version of YEN to YB KJ a month ago and got his approval to continue pursuing the project.

The picture above shows one of the subsequent presentations to the KBS team in order to make YEN as perfect as possible. At this point, both the Provisional and Final Acceptance Tests were successfully completed and handed over to the KBS.

So, if you are below 30 years old and own a company or thinking of starting one, head over to www.yen.gov.my now to see which facilities you will get matched and able to apply!