We have always asked ourselves a simple question, “How come something as basic as home security system costs a fortune?” That did not make sense to us because if it is too expensive, only the elitists can afford to have proper systems for their home security. How about others who can’t afford tens of thousands of ringgit to install a comprehensive system to monitor their homes? How about the average Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock like you and I? Do we leave our home unprotected and vulnerable?

Realizing this problem, whilst we are still in the development period for our own home security device, Jagase—we are looking to launch it by early 2018—we decided to collaborate with an overseas security firm to bring in equally impressive home security system products for the Malaysian market. As a result, Bafe has successfully launched a side project called Forcecapt Electronics in our sincere hope to provide more quality & affordable electronic products to Malaysians.

So, what is Forcecapt Electronics?

Forcecapt Electronics is committed to providing quality electronic products at an affordable price for fellow Malaysians. Its main target market is for people who are looking for home security system products but have limited budgets. Think of Forcecapt’s products as having the quality of European goods with Malaysian pricing. Check it out here. Thus far, the first product is a smart camera that acts like a CCTV as its basic function and is called Forcecapt Beam—as in having some sort of a “beam of lights” that can be controlled and adjusted remotely to help monitor homes while owners are away.

Forcecapt Beam

Forcecapt Beam allows remote controlling of the camera via a smartphone through a mobile application called the Eye4. This feature is especially useful for frequent travellers who always leave their homes unattended because they can have full awareness of what is happening in their homes anywhere and anytime. Besides, with instant notification upon motion detection, such travellers do not have to check the Eye4 application every single time to see if there are intruders inside the house. Instead, Beam will notify users of suspicious motions.

In addition to the abovementioned benefits, Beam also boasts the following features:

  1. Infra-Red Control: You can turn off your AC and TV remotely using your smartphone via the Eye4 application. Watch this video to see how it works.
  2. 1080p Image and Video: Capture high-quality pictures and watch smooth video with Forcecapt Beam.
  3. Two-way voice: You can Listen and Talkback through the device via your smartphone to communicate with your families anytime, anywhere.
  4. Pan and tilt control: Capture more areas of coverage as you tilt your device to any degree you want using your smartphone. Say no to blind spots and yes to comprehensive coverage.
  5. Motion Detection: We mention this again just to check whether you have been reading the article.
  6. Infrared Night Vision: Beam infrared night vision can see through the dark just as good as during the day.
  7. Offline Recording: Beam can still record even without having network access.
  8. Multi-platform: Supports up to 4 users viewing the camera simultaneously from a smartphone or a tablet.
  9. Plug & Play: Just plug Beam into a power socket and you can use it straight away.
  10. Simple installation: Follow three simple steps to start monitoring your home.

Receptions so far

After a few weeks of launching, we received quite a welcoming response from Malaysians through our social media especially on Facebook and Whatsapp. There were people from throughout the country enquiring about the device and wanting to replace their current static CCTV camera system. They have to buy more than one Forcecapt Beam but according to them, it is worth it as they will have the flexibility to monitor their homes from anywhere.

We took the feedbacks as a motivation to strive even harder to giving Malaysians more quality electronic products. God willing, after Forcecapt Beam, we will be launching a second prouduct that compliments Beam as its basic function and more. Wait for it!

Contact Forcecapt

At Bafe, we create better things for your future. Get better home security camera starting from today with Forcecapt Electronics. Check out Forcecapt’s social media for more information: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For further inquiries, either pm us or whatsapp Forcecapt at 019-6477247. Thank you!