Women make up half of the world’s population, yet they are often either misrepresented or misunderstood by the other half of the population. One example: The Department of Statistics Malaysia (Jabatan Perangkaan Negara) labour force participation rate stated that only 54.1% of working-age women are currently working as of 2015, as compared to 80.6% of working-age men. This data shows that more needs to be done to increase women’s participation especially in fields that are being dominated by men because women are important to any country’s progress. Realising that we are gradually transitioning towards a more equal world, actions need to be louder than words. Therefore, it is only fitting that Bafe is helping towards that ideals as well as currently, half of our team comprised of women who are similarly competent as any men out there in terms of skills, if not better.

Shoutout to Amirah, Hani, Meutia, Puteri, Rashidah, and Nurul for being awesome at their work and for making our office more lively! Bafe appreciates y’all and Happy International Women’s Day 2017!