RECOBER is a full-fledged, all-in-one, cloud-based people management system designed to maximize efficiency of managing members of associations, non-profit organizations, chambers of Commerce, and big corporations. It is FREE to use for up to 7 members so try us now and give feedbacks! RECOBER boasts high functionality with many features but you will only pay as you grow (RM0.50 / person / month) because there is no flat charges in RECOBER. Your associations could have thousands of users; still we can accommodate all of them. We have included a number of features that would normally only be found in expensive, complicated association management software packages. RECOBER is designed to let you track information about anyone who interact with your organization: members, prospective members, sponsors, non-member event attendees and pretty much anyone else you want to keep track of. RECOBER is revolutionising the membership management system in the future.

RECOBER: Full-Fledged Membership Management System



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